The spring and summer times bring a lot of great things--longer days, sunny beaches, and warm nights. But they also bring out one of the most annoying and pesky insects of all - ants!

Bradley Prince does pest control for a living and he says keeping ants under control has been a high priority lately. He's seen mostly black ants, known as pavement ants. They which don't bite but they love a wet environment.

"It's real damp and the ground was holding a lot of moisture. So that's got them out and on the move right now," says Prince.

Right now he says 80% of calls from clients are for ant-related problems.

While the year started relatively dry we had a higher-than-normal rain total of nearly 5.5" for April (normal is around 4"), and it's rained a few days just in the past week. So it's no surprise there have been more sightings.

If ants get inside your home, Prince can help.

"Come in and treat around window sills, baseboards, around pipes," says Prince.

Pest control services use various types of baits.

Also, Prince sprays the outside of the home with a chemical called Termidor. He says it's non-toxic to you, your children, or your pets, but is highly effective on ants.    

"They pass through it and don't even realize they're in it, and then they distribute it throughout the colony, whether it's in your walls on ten feet away from your foundation," explains Prince.

In between treatments, which are applied around every three months, Prince offers a common sense approach to preventing any of the pesky pests from invading in case a few of them escape the lure of the spray. Simply keep a tidy home inside and out.

"Keep your grass down real good. If you have wet leaves or pine needles that are stacked up against your house, obviously that holds the moisture up underneath it and that's obviously that an attractant for them. So remove that from your house," suggests Prince.

Although the spray isn't harmful, Prince says to let it settle for an hour or so before letting your kids and pets go back out in the yard to play. He adds that he'll never directly spray onto any toys that may be left in the grass.