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Story of Hope: Joshua

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Joshua Tyree has overcome a lot of obstacles in his 14 years of life. Making it through his daily home school classes is the easy part.

Cheryl Paris, Grandmother, "she noticed that he was walking sideways and falling a lot complaining of having a headache."

Cheryl Paris is Joshua's grandmother. She is now raising him.  Cheryl says back in 2010 his mother took him to the pediatrician, who then ordered a CT scan.

"The CT scan showed there was a mass at the base of his brain area."
Joshua who was living outside of Nashville at the time, was sent to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery. He had been diagnosed with  medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumour that mainly affects children. 

The MRI then showed all of the tumor had been removed and they proposed a very intensive treatment program.  One Cheryl says the family wasn't comfortable with.

"So we planned a family meeting to come together to pray and discuss it, and decide what we needed to do."

Just as they were making their decision, Joshua's other grandparents received something in the mail from St. Jude.. They immediately took that as a sign and contacted St. Jude.  The hospital agreed to take their case.

And it's a good thing they did.

"The second MRI that was performed at St. Jude revealed some of the tumor had been left."

Joshua needed a second brain surgery. Cheryl says she believes that 2nd MRI at St. Jude is a major reason Joshua is still here today. 

"By the grace of God, he's been cancer free ever since. 3 years cancer free."

Joshua spent 10 months at St. Jude, and the family is so grateful, all they had to focus on and worry about was Joshua.

"Lodging, transportation, meals, entertainment, support, encouragement.  We were never charged anything for those services."

You can make a difference for children like Joshua, by purchasing a ticket for the Dream Home.  As Cheryl says none of us ever know what life is going to hold for us.

"It was such a relief, I just knew when we got there we were in good hands."
Joshua still goes back to St. Jude every six months for checkups. While he is doing well now, Joshua still faces certain challenges like stunted growth, balance issues, and weakness on his left side. 

But for his family, the bottom line is... he is still here.
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