Smokers buying e-cigarette's at Sweet Creek Vapors in East Ridge say they're concerned after hearing city councilman Marc Gravitt's desire to revisit the topic of where exactly people are allowed to use a vaporizer.  

The new and controversial alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes is gaining popularity. 

Many hoping to vaporize and kick their bad habit away, but some debate e-cigarettes are only trading one bad habit for another, while others contend.

Debi Amick hopes Tennessee lawmakers don't jump on the band wagon like 108 other municipalities across the country did back in January. 

The CDC wants to conduct a study, comparing the long term effects of vaping to conventional cigarette smoking. 

They've already come out saying e-cigarettes's are poisonous to young smokers.  

Jessica Tryon, Manager at Sweet Creek vapors says their products have only five ingredients as opposed to tobacco cigarettes containing thousands of chemicals per pack.

The issue will be revisited next month at the East Ridge City Council meeting.