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Local mail carriers help feed the hungry

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Thousands of families are hungry every day in the Tennessee Valley.  

But a few familiar faces who drive past your home every day are hoping to help lower that number.
While on most days mail carriers work to clean out their mail carts, on Saturday their goal was to fill them back up.

"We try to fill the trucks up all the way and we've had success in past years with that." said Pat Morgan, Mail Carrier.

But they aren't looking for letters or packages, but rather canned food items to help feed the hungry.

"This is about the easiest food drive there is because you don't have to leave your house to do it," said Jessica Sullivan, Communications Manager, Chattanooga Food Bank.

Jessica Sullivan with the Chattanooga Food Bank says 160,000 people go hungry every day in the Tennessee Valley.

"It's such a large amount and we're constantly trying to get our numbers up so we can meet that," said Sullivan.

But this time of year Sullivan says it can be hard to keep up as donations plummet, while need continues to rise. 

"We notice that the community really kind of gets together around the holidays and times when you think oh there are people out there who need this. And kind of toward the summer you start to forget," said Sullivan.
Sullivan says they hope others will donate to help them feed the 20,000 people a day who are hungry.

"Last year we got 80,000 pounds. We'd love to get 100,000 this year," said Sullivan.

"We are very grateful our customers want to help us out and that we are able to get out and help our community," said Morgan.

If the food bank reaches their goal of 80,000 pounds of food, they tell us that will feed close to 60,000 people.

If you forgot to set your food out today, Pat Morgan say they will accept it for a few more days and get it to the food bank for you.
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