There’s finally an end in sight to the city’s streetlight fight, as administration officials hit a self-imposed May 10 deadline to resolve the impasse over Chattanooga’s $24 million streetlight replacement program.

Chief operating officer Jeff Cannon today will present his recommendations to Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, just three days before the City Council is scheduled to take up debate on the topic.

Officials may consider a compromise between doing the project all at once and not doing it at all, said Chip Henderson, chairman of the City Council. Henderson is considering replacing the current lights as they go out — roughly 1,000 lights per year — rather than replacing them en masse at a multimillion-dollar cost.

Private debates over the merits of the program, which just last year was heralded by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam as a boon for jobs and entrepreneurship, spilled into the public domain in April. Since then, the man behind the radio-controlled LED lights has threatened to move to Memphis over nearly six months of government delays in buying the lights.

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