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After 23 years, woman finds birth mother in 15 minutes on Facebook

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For 23 years, Mother's Day was a holiday full of questions for Colette Brasseur. This Sunday will be different.

That's because this year marks the first Mother's Day since Brasseur reconnected with the daughter she gave up for adoption in 1991.

Back then, a 24-year-old Brasseur discovered she was pregnant soon after enlisting in the Army. Since she had joined the military in a bid for financial security, she knew she couldn’t afford to raise her child.

So she decided to have an open adoption, and chose Rosie and Don Bader, with whom she felt an immediate connection, to adopt her baby, Natalie.

“To this day I can remember thinking that she was as sweet as pie and he reminded me of Santa Claus — he was just real jolly and always laughing,” Brasseur told “And I thought there was something special about these two people. And thank God I was right.”

The Baders kept in touch with Brasseur for a time, sending her photos of Natalie, and, as a condition of the open adoption, Brasseur gave them letters they could share with her daughter. One letter explained why she had chosen to give up Natalie for adoption, and another included photos that had been taken of mother and daughter shortly after Natalie’s birth, as well as identifying details in case she ever wanted to find her birth mother.

But Brasseur lost touch with the Baders four year later when the adoption agency closed, leading her to wonder if she would ever see her daughter again.

Fast forward two decades, when the Baders felt their daughter was ready to handle reading her birth mother’s letters. Natalie Bader told that she had grown up in a loving and stable home, but had always wanted to find Brasseur to help answer questions about her own identity.

“When you’re adopted and don’t know your biological family, there’s a big question mark of who you are and where you came from," she said.

She used the identifying information from her mother’s letter to start a search online, and within 15 minutes had found Facebook pages for Brasseur and her 21-year-old son Peyton.
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