She may not look like it, but Star Davis is one of the many faces of women with heart disease.

Star Davis says "We had just gotten home from dinner and then I started noticing like a little pain in my chest, and heart, then it traveled to my elbow."

She knew something was wrong, so she called her doctor who told her to go to the emergency room.

Star Davis says "They told me it was pretty much nothing, they were about to send me home."

But a doctor suggested they run one more test before letting Star go home..  and it's a good thing they did.

Star Davis says "So he was like you're pretty much lucky because I caught it right when it happened."

There was a rupture in Star's left anterior descending or I-A-D artery.  

At just 36 years old,  Star had just given birth to her third child. She appeared to be in very good health,.. and that's what made her case so dangerous.  Doctors say diagnosing heart disease in younger women is more difficult and it can also be deadly.

Star Davis says "Definitely I think I was being looked after, because I had never had issues with anything in my life."

In addition to the traditional symptom of chest pain, women should also look out for the following non typical warning signs like....

 -Pain in your arms or back

 -Stomach pain

 -Shortness of breath

 -and sweating or Fatigue


As for Star, she takes steps to live a healthy lifestyle and she certainly doesn't take anything for granted.

Star Davis says "That thought is devastating, I could have not been here. My husband was like you would have left me with three girls to try and raise."


Thankfully that didn't happen..