An elderly Good Samaritan who was robbed at knifepoint can rest a little easier now after knowing his alleged attacker is off the streets.

The story was reported First on 3 back in March. The robbery happened on Brainerd Rd. in Chattanooga, after 76-year-old Charles Finley agreed to give the suspect a ride to the bus stop. Both men were regular customers at the McDonald's restaurant down the street.

Finley was standing just feet from the man he says attacked him on Tuesday during a court hearing.

"Frightening and scary" is how Finley described being face-to-face with Cornelius Bloodsaw, 51. The hearing was the first time the 76-year-old has seen Bloodsaw since he was held up at knifepoint.

In late March, Finley was at the McDonald's on Brainerd Rd. getting his daily cup of morning coffee when Bloodsaw, also a regular customer, asked for a ride to the bus stop. Finley told Sessions Court Judge Clarence Shattuck that's when Bloodsaw robbed him at knifepoint.

Channel 3 caught up with Finley right after the robbery happened. He said Bloodsaw had the knife against his stomach.

"All he could say was, 'Give me your wallet or I'll kill you right here'," Finley testified.

Police arrested Bloodsaw on April 18 and charged him with aggravated robbery. But Finley said he had no idea about the arrest until he received a subpoena to testify in court.

"We got the letter in the mail and that's when I knew he was arrested," he said.

Chattanooga Police said it's standard procedure to call victims of violent crimes after an arrest, and said the investigator attempted to contact Finley multiple times. Due to man power and scheduling logistics, there is just one detective working robbery investigations during the daytime shift most of the time.

Finley said he was on edge and on the lookout for Bloodsaw until he opened that letter.

"We drove many a mile looking for him," he said. "So he couldn't do it to anybody else."

Bloodsaw stood quietly with his public defender, just feet away from Finley telling the judge what happened.

"I was shaking," Finley said.

During the hearing Asst. DA Dave Denny asked Finley if he was "placed in fear by what occurred."

"Yes, it did," Finley replied. "It scared me to death. The most scared I've ever been in my life."

Bloodsaw is still in the Hamilton County Jail. His bond is set at $50,000. Bloodsaw has a history of violent charges, including a conviction of assaulting a police officer.