RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  Our NBC News partners at WWBT are reporting
that two major efforts are underway to honor
Martin Cobb
nationally, as a hero. The eight-year-old boy was killed last Thursday in South Richmond, while trying to defend his sister from a sexual assault, according to his family. 

One online petition through
officially asks the president to honor Marty Cobb's incredible bravery.

One hundred thousand online signatures are needed in less than a month, for the petition to reach the president's desk for action.

The Lunenburg County man behind it, Scott Tucker, was deeply touched by Cobb's heroism, like countless people who've been following his story.

"It's just unreal the amount of courage that it took for (Marty) to face (the suspect)…for his sister, rather than do what most kids, probably what I would have done at eight years old…just turn and run away," said Tucker.

Meantime, Rebecca Minton, of Chesterfield, is nominating Cobb for a
Carnegie Hero medal
. The prestigious honor recognizes regular people who have undergone incredible feats to help someone else, even saving a life. Minton believes Cobb exemplifies the criteria.

"He loved his sister. And he had been told by his mother, protect her. That's what he did," said Minton.

The Carnegie Hero recognition would also include at least $5,000 for the awardees' family.

Marty Cobb's family says they're grateful for any donations. Any money they receive will go towards funeral costs.