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Retired nurse re-visits Erlanger for the first time in 70 years

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Seven decades after graduating from the Baroness Erlanger School of Nursing, 90-year-old Agnes Farrar returned to the place where it all began Tuesday morning.

Farrar left Erlanger in 1944 after three years of nursing school. She spent the next 70 years in Jefferson City, Tenn. and never returned to the Chattanooga hospital until May 6, 2014 as part of "National Nurse's Week."

Farrar showed off her black-and-white memories of Erlanger's nursing school. She kept copies of her grades, letters to home, her first scissors, even the one (and only) letter of reprimand for leaving her dorm lights turned on one evening.

"That was the only time I was ever wrote up for anything. I left the lights burnin'," she laughed.

Agnes Farrar toured the hospital for the first time in 70 years Tuesday. She got to see the new gadgets, computers and other toys not around in 1944. Granted, it's a whole new world from 1944 but she said the qualities you find in a nurse will always be the same.

"I think I chose well in my profession and in choosing Erlanger. I think it's one of the best hospital training," she said. "When you got through, you didn't doubt yourself, you knew what to do."

"A niece of mine told her mother, 'you know to be that old and be around that long, she has a lot of knowledge on nursing'," she said.

Even though Farrar officially retired from nursing in the 90s, she's still on "Inactive" status because who knows when she'll want to return?

"It's wonderful to be here. I wish I was working," she said.

Farrar was recognized in a room of nurses and the hospital's CEO. Erlanger nurses also spent two hours speaking with Farrar Tuesday morning about both the "old" and "new" days at the hospital.

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