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Warm and sunny again today. Air Quality Alert.

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(WRCB) - Good Tuesday.  Election day looks good in terms of our weather.  Today will be warm and sunny, but there are some things of which to be aware.

High pressure is dominating our weather pattern.  When you have high pressure for a prolonged period of time, the air is not able to mix, meaning pollutants like pollen and ground level ozone stagnate near the surface.  Because of that, we have an Air Quality Alert in effect until 6pm.  Basically, that means if you are in a sensitive breathing group (asthma, small children, elderly) you may want to limit your time outdoors today.

Temperatures are also soaring under this high.  It is giving us light southwest winds which will keep temps in the upper 80s, about 10 degrees above average.

I expect this high to remain in place through Thursday.  That means temps will stay in the upper 80s, and skies will remain sunny.

A front will approach from the west Friday, and begin to chip away at the high.  Look for cloudy skies Friday afternoon.  That will keep temps a bit cooler in the low 80s.  Friday night into Saturday morning we will see widespread rain showers and a few thunderstorms.  Your ball games and events on Saturday morning are at risk of being soggy to say the least.

Mother's Day looks a bit calmer, but we could still see a few isolated showers popping up here and there Sunday.

It looks like a more rainy pattern may start of next week as well.

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8am... Sunny, 58

Noon... Sunny, 79

5pm... Sunny, 88
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