26-year-old Sgt. Tyler Skelly received full military honors at the Chattanooga National Cemetery Monday afternoon. The fallen U. S. Marine was injured in Afghanistan while completing his 2nd tour of duty in 2011.  He was surrounded by his family, friends and The Patriot Guard Riders that showed up to honor his life and remember the ultimate sacrifice he paid.

Sgt. Tyler Skelly's mother, Stacy placed a call to the volunteer veterans when her son passed away April 29th hoping they would help escort her son to his final resting place.  They were more than happy to fulfill that request.

Minutes before the service started, you could hear the sound of bikes coming from miles away. Everyone held American flags that covered the lawn.

Before all the attendees departed,  everyone stood up at full attention to watch the flag folding ceremony. The true American symbol was then handed to Sgt Tyler Skelly's mother.  She said, “I am so proud of my son, he is now at peace and no longer has a brain injury.”