UPDATE: Athens Police say three high school girls are responsible for the recent thefts at hair and nail salons.

Destiny Ferguson was arrested and charged with burglary. 

Warrants were issued for Agia Underwood for the same charges.

A juvenile was also questioned by police and is said to have confessed.   The burglaries happened last Tuesday evening after closing time.

Police were tipped off by the juvenile's mother who said she believed her daughter was involved.

PREVIOUS STORY: Hair and nail salons are a recent target by burglars in Athens, and police are asking for the public's help tracking down the suspects. Police think the thieves cased out the salons first, throwing rocks or bricks through the windows to break in. But in most cases, they didn't get away with much.

The burglaries happened last Tuesday evening after closing time, and all were within 1.5 miles of each other. Investigators believe the same culprits are behind it.

"Shambles" was how Jeanne Willis described the condition of her salon on Wednesday morning.

"All the cabinet drawers were open, my desk was turned upside down," said Willis, describing the broken mirrors, open drawers and overall mess the thieves left behind.

Police said Tickled Pink Hair & Nail Salon in the 700 block of S. Congress Pkwy. was one of the four salons targeted last week.

"It looked like they were extremely angry," Willis said. The intruders beat the door to break in after failing to break the salon's shatterproof glass windows with rocks.

Athens Police Det. Josh Rhodes said the burglars used bricks or rocks to bust the other salons' windows.

Two dollars in cash was taken from It's All About U Hair Salon in the 1400 block of Decatur Pike before punching through the wooden door to break into Lovely Nails next door. The thieves made a mess there, but didn't steal anything.

The glass front door was smashed at Nu-U Cuts & Styles Barber Shop in the 500 block of Maple St. The cash register holding $21 was missing.

"There wasn't much cash left in any of the businesses, but they did cause quite a bit of damage," said Rhodes.

Jeanne's salon was left in the worst shape, with $300 cash missing along with $3,000 damage.

"[The burglars] might have been a little frustrated because they hadn't got what they were looking for," assumed Rhodes.

"It felt personal," said Jeanne, who said police took some mirrors from the salon for fingerprints. She hopes whoever did it won't do it again.

"I keep waiting for something to happen again. I wish they would find out who did it."

This isn't the first time salons have been targeted in Athens. Several nail salons were broken into in August 2013, but police never caught any suspects.

If you have any information, call Athens Police.