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A Meigs County Congregation finds new place of worship after church fire

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MEIGS COUNTY, TN - Nearly a week after Grace Baptist Church in Meigs County burned down; the congregation is pushing forward in their faith.

“He knows what he's doing. We don't, he sees what's out ahead of us and we only see what's in front of our face," said Stan Williams.

It's been an emotional week for members of Grace Baptist Church.

Their building burned down on Monday night after lighting struck it and caught fire.

"It's a sad thing, but God has a purpose for everything and we have to trust him," said Williams.

Pastor Joe Andrew tells Channel 3 that going without a service wasn't an option, so they set out to look for a place to gather.

He says the community stepped up to help them find the perfect fit as they prepare to re-build.

"God has just truly provided for us," said Andrew.

"The church is still here, that was just a building that burned down but the church is still here. As long as the church continues to get together, the church is still going," said Williams.

While the situation is out of their hands, they say they know their Creator has bigger plans.

"If you ever have any doubt, just put God to the test. He will come through, you will never serve anyone like him," said Andrew.

Andrew tells Channel 3 the insurance company has given them the go-ahead to begin clean up on the property.

They plan to re-build on the existing property.

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