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Clemency offers relief for prisons, prisoners: How Obama's effort to curtail unfair sentences would play

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (Times Free Press) - President Obama, meet David E. Henley.

As a man sentenced to life in prison on his first offense, Henley could be the kind of inmate Obama had in mind when he offered a clemency program to drug offenders who had received lengthy federal sentences that were potentially out of proportion with their crimes.

Henley, of East Ridge, was arrested in 2001 and convicted in 2002 of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

He's no saint. He admits he dealt drugs, carried a weapon on at least one occasion and admitted during his trial he lied to police. Yet he maintained that the drug amounts being tied to him by a co-defendant -- one pound of meth per month for about a year, a total of 12 pounds -- were exaggerated.

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