Fifteen-thousand dollars is missing in Rossville, Georgia.

The cash was stolen from the I-75 Flea Market.  

After the Flea Market closed Sunday night
the thieves smashed a glass door to break in.   The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office says the break-in happened sometime after 7:00 on Sunday night.

When the owners arrived around 7:30 Monday morning, they noticed the glass door on the left side of the building was smashed in.

The thieves took a safe in the store's office that was holding around 15-thousand dollars in cash.  But they didn't get away with anything else.         

Investigators say they aren't sure if it was a former employee, but believe it could be an inside job.

But they're not sure how many suspects to track down.  Catoosa County's Sheriff says they're asking for the public's help.

If you have any information about the burglary, you're asked to call the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office.