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EYE ON HEALTH: New allergy drugs show promise

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Dr. Susan Raschal, Covenant Allergy says "It is a revolutionary drug."
Dr. Marc Cromie says "This is the first FDA approved drug."
This is what the buzz is all about.  These two new tablets, Ragwitek and Grastek, are the first of their kind on the U.S. market

They are giving those like Britany Barnett a new option when it comes to getting some relief from her allergies.
Britany Barnett says "My main symptoms are runny nose, headaches, having to clear my throat."
Britany is like so many other allergy sufferers, she didn't want to get shots, as a matter of fact only five percent of Americans with allergies get shot.  Now she doesn't have to.   Ragwitek is a tablet that is placed under the tongue once a day that dissolves in about ten seconds.   She's looking forward to relief this fall from her ragweed allergies..
Dr. Susan Raschal says "The beauty of it is there's no shots involved, people can get desensitized to weed, based on this medicine."
Britany Barnett says  "Most of the time I tried to stay inside, but I do enjoy being outdoors a lot and sometimes I just rough it and deal with it when it happens."
While Ragwitek may be the answer for those who suffer from  ragweed allergies in the fall, there is also help for those who suffer from grass allergies in the spring.

Dr. Marc Cromie  says "This is Grasstek is made for Timothy grass, so it only has one grass pollen in it although it does cross reference with several weaker during allergy season."

But keep in mind, both of these tablets are only for these specific conditions and most people suffer from multiple allergies, so they would have to still take other medication or get the shot.
Dr. Marc Cromie says "So you can do allergy shots and do this."
And another catch you have to start taking them 3 months before the allergy season for the medication to work, so for the grass allergies, it's too late this season, and as far as the ragweed allergies..

Dr.  Susan Raschal says "They need to start taking it today or as soon as possible."
The first dose has to be administered in the doctors office, because there can be side effects like itching in the mouth, ears, and throat irritation.

For Britany, those risks are worth the bigger reward.
Britany Barnett says "I'm definitely excited to try something new, definitely like it so I don't have to worry about it."

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