Would you believe the singer for the punk rock band "Pulley" and the Chattanooga Lookouts the pitching coach is one and the same?

"Nobody really knows, they don't know enough about it to ask a proper question, so I've always tried to keep them separated and just stay focused at what I'm doing at the time," says Scott Radinsky. 

Currently, Radinsky is coaching the Lookouts battery of young arms.

But every off-season, it's back to the band for the 46 year old rocker.

"Its just normal, it just seems this time I'm doing this, that time I'm doing that and I'm doing this, everything is kind of laid out, it just seems normal to me," shrugs Radinsky.

What seems normal to Radinsky is anything but to most everybody else.

Growing up in Simi Valley, California, Radinsky followed his two loves, Dodgers baseball and punk rock.

As a teen, his first band Scared Straight, was known for it's straight edge monastic mantra of no alcohol, no drugs and no sex.  

"Well I got three kids so I guess I'm not straight edge,' laughs Radinsky

But he does have an edge, both musically and professionally, as Lookouts pitchers like Jarrett Martin are finding out.

"You know it doesn't surprise me,", says Martin of his coach's musical exploits,"He's got that personality where he's just different, in a good way!"

I asked the punk rock pitching coach if Lookouts skipper Razor Shines was aware of his musical background, "Does he know of your punk rock history, did he hire you despite being the straight edge guy from Simi Valley High?" " yeah, uh, I don't know if he knows quite about that past," snickers Radinsky.

Shines says he knew all about his new coach's background and has no worries. "This guy knows his business, his job is pitching I mean he's a punk rocker but I tell you what, he knows pitching and knows it as well as anybody," extols Shines.

Radinsky's approach on life and everything having a proper time and place served him well as a player, coach , musician but maybe more importantly in the most important game of all, life. In 1994 while with the Chicago White Sox, Radinsky was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma..

"Thank God we live in a world today where they've figured out modern medicines that can cure some certain things and I was fortunate enough to get something that could be cured," says the grateful rocker.

And the beat goes on for "Rad", who I had one little surprise for at the end of our interview.

His first ever record, Scared Straight's initial appearance on an Oxnard, California compilation album from 30 years ago.

"That's awesome,  now that's a guy that did his homework," beamed Radinsky.