EPB crews were out working Tuesday to restore the power for many residents after Monday night's storm caused damage to poles and power lines.


On Tuesday night only 100 customers remained without power.

The stormy weather on Monday night left many on alert.     

Don and Sandy Reynolds tell Channel 3 their time in their safe place fortunately was short lived.

"Not very long, no we kept coming out to check things and finally we just stayed out," said Sandy Reynolds.

But as the thunder rolled and lightning flashed, trees were falling on Signal Mountain.

One tree landed on a power line taking everything down with it.

"Looking outside we saw that there were two power lines on the ground and two poles had fallen," said Reynolds. "One into the street and one back behind our house with power lines all over the yard."

That left Don and Sandy in the dark for the rest of the night.

“We didn't have any power," said Sandy.

EPB worked around the clock Tuesday to get the power up running again, before the second round of storms expected for Tuesday night.  

The Reynolds tell Channel-3 me they want to be warned in case of severe weather.

"If we don't see the radar on Channel 3 then we won't know what to do, or when to go into our little room and be safe, so we hope to get it back on before then," said Sandy. "We hope tonight, we hope by tonight."