NBC NEWS - A Florida man who has drawn outrage from a video showing him kicking his 6-year-old son down a skate ramp is "remorseful and embarrassed," according to the owner of the skate park. 

Local police and the Florida Department of Children and Families said Monday they are investigating the disturbing video of the incident involving dad Marcus Crossland and his son, Dino, at the Kona Skate Park in Jacksonville, Fla. The owner of the park, Martin Ramos, wrote in a text message to NBC News that "Mr. Crossland is very remorseful and embarrassed." 

The video depicts Crossland pushing his son down the lip of a 13-foot drop on a skate ramp. It was shot by another skater at the park, Ryan Stephens, who posted it on his 
Instagram account 
April 26, drawing a strong reaction online. 

The boy can be heard groaning at the bottom of the ramp. He is reportedly in good condition after being seen skating on the ramp later in the day. Crossland has been temporarily banned from the park, but the boy is welcome to return. Ramos told TODAY's Kerry Sanders that the father and son are regulars at the park, and he has never seen any behavior like this before. 

"He comes out here and skates with his dad all the time,'' Ramos said on TODAY Tuesday. "Mostly, he's just kind of cruising around the park, and him and his dad (are) high-fiving and having a good time." 

Dino is a skating prodigy, Ramos said, but the boy may have been scared because of the steep drop on the ramp. 

"I certainly hope that through all this viral video that it will send a solid message out to parents and families to let kids be kids,'' Ramos said. "Don't push them too hard and take a step back."