"I say a prayer for all of us before it hits and hope that we make it through," said Michelle Rose, Resident. "I think people that live in a trailer need to be aware at how wind can damage and really tear apart a trailer."

Most people typically feel safe inside their homes, but when bad weather is expected, that feeling quickly changes for those who live in trailers.

"A mobile home doesn't have a chance in a tornado," said David Henson.

Henson tells Channel 3 living in a trailer doesn't give his family much protection, knowing that in a split second it could be swept away.

"If one did hit I'd be getting my family out of there getting them to the lowest place I could find, probably that ditch," said Henson. "That's the only place, I figured the ditch might not be the safe place to be but it's safer than the trailer."

Rose tells Channel 3 she learned from the tornadoes of 2011 and will go to a sturdier household if needed.    

"The devastation that took place I think really opened our eyes on what precautions to take, what not to do, how to prepare for it," said Rose.

However, Elizabeth Taylor says she is nervous, but plans to stay put unless told to leave.

"I'm kind of nervous, but I know that the lord protects me and that whatever happens is in his hands," said Taylor.