:  The evolution of the Coca-Cola brand has come a long way. They finalized a plan to expand in the city where the bottling all started, Friday morning.

The soda giant will grow at the former Olan Mills site. The $62,000,000 investment will create a 305,000 square foot distribution center over the next year and a half.

More than 40 people will get new jobs there, on top of nearly 500 who already work on Amnicola Highway.

The locations also changed over the years.  Bottles were capped in the building that Mellow Mushroom on Broad Street now calls home.

They needed a bigger facility and upgraded in 1970.  They use to cap one bottle at a time, they now cap 600 a minute.

: The Chattanooga Coca-Cola Company announced Friday that their expansion is finalized at the former Olan Mills site along SR-153 in Chattanooga.

At this morning's announcement, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, with a Coke in hand, said "This is a group truly committed to Chattanooga."

The $62 million investment will consist of a new 305,000 square foot distribution center to be built in the next 16-18 months.

The company currently employs 484 people at the Amnicola Highway bottling location, which will continue to serve its current role.

Administrative and sales functions will move to the new facility.

The new distribution center will add 43 jobs.

Chattanooga was the first independent Cola-Cola bottler in the United States.