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Plastic Surgery Procedure Helps Those Who Suffer From Migraines

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Going under the knife, may be able to do more than just turn back the hands of time.

Dr. Jimmy Waldrop, Plastic Surgery Group says "This procedure is new to the Chattanooga area, available since January 2014."

Dr. James Waldrop with the Plastic Surgery Group is talking about a procedure called nerve decompression.  It is now offered at Erlanger Medical Center,  giving patients like Heather Crowe more permanent relief.  The procedure was accidentally discovered during a facelift surgery.

Dr. Jimmy Waldrop says "It works by identifying and targeting trigger points on the head, front, sides, or back of the head, then identifying the nerves, and decompressing the nerves with small minimally invasive incision."

Heather Crowe says "I had been to the doctor and they had tried every kind of migraine medication and none of them worked."

Heather said she first started having migraines in Junior High School. She would suffer from the debilitating condition 2-3 times a week.

Heather Cooper says "I have twin boys pretty much their whole lives revolved around mom was going to have a migraine headache and we couldn't plan anything."

So after trying just about everything, she learned about this cosmetic procedure to reduce migraines.

Heather Crowe says "The first couple of weeks i had a headache and it was just new from surgery, after that, my migraines decreased to one a week."

Dr. Waldrop says most patients have about 1-2 weeks of down time after the surgery, and don't expect immediate results.  You probably won't notice a difference for several weeks.

Heather says after about two months later she was able to get off her medication and she has been migraine free.  Something that has definitely changed her life.

Heather Crowe says "Now in the last couple of months its been completely different, we plan stuff, we go places, I've not had to worry about migraines."

Heather says she has her life back.

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