The murders happened April ninth around 7 o'clock in the evening at a mobile home on Kellys Ferry Place in Lookout Valley.  Three men and a teen boy were outside in the driveway area when witnesses say a black car pulled up, then they heard gun shots.  

The teen victim survived, but 53-year-old John Lang, 29-year-old Caleb Boozer and 24-year-old Jon Morris died at the scene. One while seated in a chair, another in the nearby woods, and the third behind the RV where investigators think he tried to crawl and hide.

The Hamilton County Medical Examiner's initial report reveals how deliberate the shooters were.  Each person was shot *multiple* times.

Boozer had fifteen gunshot
wounds all over his body. Lang suffered five to the head and shoulder area.  Morris appears to have eight gun shot wounds, throughout.

Court documents state what the teen survivor remembers from the ambush, two gunmen saying "make sure they're all dead."

Investigators arrested 19-year-old  Derek Morse the morning after the shootings and a 15-year-old juvenile this week.  But they say one more suspected killer is still on the loose.  The man who looks like this sketch.


They hope someone recognizes him and calls detectives with information that helps get him off the streets and behind bars.

The 15 year old suspect's name will be withheld, unless he is charged as an adult. That's yet to be decided. Morse has a preliminary hearing May 8th.