Cleveland High School science teacher, Ben Williams, is back in the classroom two days after the Boston Marathon and logging more than 100 miles on his own two feet to get there.

"I had a blast on the trip, I also missed my guys here," Williams says.

Four members of Run Now Relay ran the actual 26 mile Boston Marathon. Williams says the journey to get there was just as empowering as reaching their destination. "Seeing the excitement through that and the excitement online was just amazing," he says.

Along the way support poured in from every town they ran through but most importantly, the city of Cleveland was with them every step of the journey.

"One of the things that really made unify my bond with this city because we've lived here for years, we've been members of the community, but I haven't felt so unified with the town as I did then to see all the support," says Williams.

He says each runner was on pace to beat their personal goals. The hardest part, sleep deprivation. "The lack of sleep and losing sleep I think took its toll on everybody," he says.

However, once in Boston the group got to see who they were helping. Besides helping survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings, the $63,500 Run Now Relay raised will help buy special needs children prosthetic limbs and give girls in underprivileged communities a chance to be active in sports.

"We actually got to see first hand where the money was going. I think that's what really drove it home," Williams says.