Community members gathered in the wee hours of the morning to celebrate Easter at the 37th Annual Salvation Army Sunrise Service.

As the sun rose in the early hours of the morning, nearly no seat went un-filled.

"We serve a resurrected Lord and we're here to say he is risen," said Kimberly George, Salvation Army.   

While many come for the celebration of Easter, others come to worship closer to loved ones who have passed and are buried in the cemetery.

"There are so many folks who are buried around us who have sacrificed so much. So what better place to worship, on the day the lord sacrificed so much for us," said George.

Austin Goodlet was among those remembering a lost loved one, after his Grandfather passed in November.

"We were really close, he was like my best friend growing up," said Goodlet.  

Goodlet says it was a great way to give honor to his Grandfather, a man he says strived to be close to the Lord.

"My Grandfather was always a great example of someone who was led and followed Christ and that was the greatest thing I could have ever learned from him," said Goodlet.

While some holidays can be tough for the family missing their dearest loved one, Austin says he has peace knowing he will see his grandfather again.

It was good to get to come out, I know he was looking down and he enjoys this. I wish he were here," said Goodlet.

There were over 300 people in attendance for the service.