Part of a house is severely damaged from fire Thursday afternoon.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Alexis Circle, when Chattanooga Firefighters responded to the call they found smoke coming from the second story window above the garage. The occupant told firefighters there was a small fire in the office area on the second floor.

Two firefighters entered the structure and went upstairs to the origin of the fire with one water extinguisher and a thermal imaging camera.  Once entry was made into the room of the fire they were meet with smoke and a small fire in the floor and on a couch cushion located next to the wall. They found a heat lamp clamped onto a piece of wood about 6 inches from a tarp used for a tortoise enclosure. The tortoise was removed from the residence. The fire was then extinguished with the use of one water extinguisher and a second extinguisher was used by additional firefighters arriving on the scene to assist with fire operations.

Other arriving fire companies then set up a portable fan for ventilation purpose of removing the smoke from the residence.  The cause of the fire has been ruled as accidental due to a heat source being placed to close to combustible materials.

The dollar loss is approximately $8,000.00. The occupants were allowed to return to the residence once the fire  department cleared the scene.  No one was injured.