Christy Striker says "I had a boating accident, turned into a pinched nerve and constant muscle pain in back and shoulders."

So someone suggested she try Dry Needle Therapy.

Bonnie Burton says "Dry needling is using a small needle where we go into the muscle and we hit local trigger points."    

Bonnie Burton is a physical therapist with Parkridge Medical Center.

Bonnie Burton went on to say "When we bring the needle in and hit trigger point we get a local twitch response, we'll actually see the muscle jump and when you get that local response that will often calm down pain and resolve pain that the patient is having.."

Dry Needle Therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions when it comes to chronic pain.

Jason Houser, Physical Therapist says "A lot of time we use it for neck and shoulder, lower back, hips, it can pretty much be used anywhere throughout the body where muscle pain exists."  

While Dry Needling and Acupuncture use the same equipment, therapists point out Dry Needling is used mainly for doing manual therapy on the inside of the muscle better known as intramuscular therapy.

As for Christy, she says the procedure has definitely made a difference.

Christy Striker says " I've had 15 sessions. I can sleep at night without pain, I can sit at my desk and work and be comfortable."

Typically, therapists say patients see results within  2-4 treatment sessions,  but that can vary depending the particular situation.