Students and faculty members are still grieving the loss of Ron Farrell after he was found unresponsive in his dorm apartment on Friday.

It was standing room only in the Benwood Auditorium at UTC Wednesday night as students celebrated his life and they all tell Channel 3 he won't easily be forgotten.

"When the news broke everybody was stunned because we had just lost a person that brought everybody happiness," said Jarrad Weirich, Farrell’s Friend.

For friends of Farrell, they say the last week has been a
roller coaster
of emotions as they deal with the death of a friend.

"People had really fun memories, so you would laugh, but,
you would realize he is not here anymore so you would cry," said Weirich.

They tell me there was never a dull moment with Ron.

"Anytime he stepped into a room it was just uplifting and he brought life," said roommate, A.J. Davis.

"Ron could make anyone laugh, he'd tell jokes that nobody else could think of," said Jordan Cox, friend of Farrell.

While Ron always had a good time, his friends say there was a good message behind it.

"His smile, his laugh, the way he conducted himself. You knew what Ron was about immediately, he was not ashamed of Christ or afraid to admit that he was a follower of Christ to anyone," said Davis.

They say his positive outlook on life and relationship with God is what they'll remember the most.

As they move towards healing they say he is looking down on them.

"I know that he's happy, he's having a great time and I'll see him again," said Weirich.

"He will always be there with me, Ron was my best friend," said Cox.