ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - One of two brothers accused of stealing corpses from graveyards and eating human remains was captured after going on the run, police in Pakistan said Tuesday.

Farman Ali, 33, was jailed in 2011 with brother Mohammad Arif after they admitted to digging up graves, stealing as many as 150 bodies and feasting on the exhumed flesh,

Arif, 36, was arrested but Ali initially evaded capture on Monday when the
A boy's head was allegedly discovered during a raid on the their home.

Ali "was arrested nearby late [Monday] night by a search party," Mukhtar Hussain of the Bhakkar police department said. "He didn't put up much resistance. He's now being presented with his brother at an anti-terrorist court."

Hussain added: "We kept them in separate cells overnight. Neither one of them wanted to eat anything we offered."