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Community, pastors support family of kindergartner killed in bus accident

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FLINSTONE, GA (WRCB) - "Grant wisdom and understanding, Father, for we cry out to you," prayed Pastor Dan Gilchrist outside of Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church.

Gilchrist opened Monday's news conference with prayer, seeking comfort for the community and the family of the 6-year-old boy who lost his life.

"Oh Father, how desperately we need your spirit," he prayed.

Gilchrist pastors Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church, across the street from Chattanooga Valley Elementary School. He was dropping his children off when the accident happened.

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"Immediately I was helping redirect traffic."

Gilchrist helped get his children and others inside the school. It was only after the family of the boy met at his church to receive the heartbreaking news, that the reality of what happened, sank in.

"It's just heart-crushing," said Gilchrist. "My heart really is being crushed and is aching for mom and dad right now."

"I've known people that have had to lose their child, and it's not good," said parent, Aubrey Melhorn.

Melhorn lives just down the street, and saw all of the flashing lights. She says all she can do is pray.

"We just have to pray for the family and pray for the kids and the teachers and the bus driver too, because I couldn't imagine," she said.

Gilchrist says his prayer is that the little boy's family knows that he is at peace.

"Jesus said that He's making all things new. He's making new heavens and a new earth. There will be no more tears. There will be no more hurt," said Gilchrist.
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