This week, it is big, it is green, and it is not the easiest thing to steal, but someone did. Yes, taken from a farm in Catoosa County was a $35,000 John Deere tractor. Sheriff Gary Sisk explains how the bad guys may have pulled it off. Or, more appropriately, pulled off with it. "We did have a white pickup truck with a trailer that someone saw," he said, "with a trailer with a tractor on it, that they felt was the tractor that was stolen, on the day of the theft, in that area, that was traveling south on Post Oak Road."

At the time of the sighting, the neighbor did not know the tractor had been stolen.

A machine of this size and weight, a farm tractor with all of its accoutrements (a bucket in the front, a sprayer in the back, and a cab for the operator) is not an item that would be eay to hide nor to get away with. How does this even happen? "If they see a piece of equipment that’s maybe been sitting in a field for a little while, or something, and didn’t see anyone around it," explained Sheriff Sisk, "then sometimes it is opportunity. Sometimes we’ve had it where it’s been workers on the farm before. Could be they’ve told someone else or told friends. People get to talking in circles and it just peaks someone’s interest and they go a check it out."

Either way, the sheriff says, it's likely the tractor, missing now for about three weeks, has already been fenced. "Usually, what happens with this is, they probably did sell it," he said. "Usually, they don’t like to hang on to stolen equipment. But, somebody probably got a pretty good deal that they should have known was too good to be true."

Did you get that deal or hear of someone who did? It was an innocent purchase, but now you or that person could be in possession of stolen property. That is not a good place to be. If you help Catoosa COunty authorities solve this crime, the sheriff could help you try to get some of your money back through restitution. If you would rather remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers offers up to $1,000 reward cash for information leading to arrest and conviction.

Call: (423) 698-3333

An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.