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Three children from the same family benefit from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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To say that the last six years have been somewhat of a blur for Elnora Lee is a bit of an understatement.
Elnora Lee, "Taking her to get eyeglasses, just a regular frame."

But that visit was anything but routine for two of Elnora's  daughters. That's when her long, difficult, and at times painful journey with cancer and St. Jude started.

Elnora Lee, "She comes out and says both your children have brain tumors."

They were immediately sent for a CAT scan and then to St. Jude.

"I'm confused, don't know what's going on, when I get here, nurse standing in door saying welcome."

The diagnosis of childhood cancer puts most families on one of the most dangerous and difficult journey of their lives, but with the help of St. Jude, the road traveled becomes a little easier.  And this mother who ended up with two of her children fighting for their lives could use all the help and support she could get.  Jayla, who showed Jed and I how to do some fun arts and crafts, and her sister Felicia were immediately taken in to begin what would be 18 months of treatment.  Just a few days after celebrating the girls recovery with a No Chemo party, Elnora woke up with a stiff neck. No big deal right??  Not so fast.

Elnora Lee, "He says you have Hodgins Lymphoma, you've had it a year."
How could this happen.  90 million thoughts started to race through her head.

"Are you putting me here for a mission to show something?

So as her daughters continued to be monitored, and she's worrying about their cancer returning,   Elnora now has to begin her own rounds of treatment.   More than most families could ever imagine dealing with.

"I pray a lot and when I say a lot , I mean a lot."

Once again, treatment was successful, so life was getting back to normal, or as normal as possible for this family.  But as Elnora was preparing for a hysterectomy, she gets some shocking news, although at this point she can handle just about anything.

"He says you are pregnant, I'm like really."  But the story doesn't end there, when she took the baby to get her shots., Elnora Lee, "she says I don't know how to tell you this, but your child has a brain stem tumor on her head."

So at this point, Elnora and three of her five children have now been diagnosed with cancer.  Once again she ended up at a very familiar place and once again, everything was taken care of.

Elnora Lee, "she says m'am there is no cost."  That's right no cost for treatment, lodging, or meals.  Which is why supporting the St. Jude Dream Home is so important.  "I would always encourage people to donate to St. Jude because I've had the chance to walk in those shoes, three different times."

For this mom of five, while things have gotten better, she knows they aren't out of the woods just yet.  Elnora says she just takes it one day at a time, and appreciates the simple things a lot more.

"Nothing material, just getting up in the morning and live like normal children."

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