The search continues for an escaped inmate out of Dade County.

It all started around 10 p.m. on Sunday night when deputies took Joshua Bradford to the hospital in Fort Oglethorpe to be checked out.

Detective Don Hicks says they took Bradford to the hospital after an inmate claimed Bradford had said he had taken a hand full of pills.

The hospital visit was to get him checked out to keep everyone inside the jail safe.
However, Bradford was never examined by the doctor, after running away from deputies.

The Dade County Sheriff's Office tells us they've widened their search to Chattanooga, Georgia and parts of Alabama.
Hicks says they have made contact with friends and family but so far have not found any trace of him.
Hicks says they don't believe anyone is hiding Bradford.

In the meantime deputies are still patrolling the area, hoping Bradford will pop up somewhere.

"The fear of going to jail will make some people do some awfully stupid things and in his case he wasn't thinking," said Don Hicks, Chief Detective.

Joshua Bradford was arrested Sunday night after a domestic dispute with his brother.

Deputies took Bradford to jail and charged him with making terrorist threats, discharging a firearm and criminal trespassing.

"Criminal trespass might have been a misdemeanor, discharging a firearm it depends on where you are and how you do it whether it's a misdemeanor. It wasn't anything gravely serious that he was here for," said Hicks.

This means the time behind bars could have been minimal.

But after escaping from deputy control, he's added new charges to that list; escape and assaulting an officer.

"Now that could get him some time," said Hicks.

This is possible 5 to 8 years in jail.

Family and friends have been interviewed but still no trace of Bradford.

"Right now everyone is cooperating, course we've got more to do tomorrow and more places to go," said Hicks. "We'll keep to it until all leads are exhausted."

Which the sheriff's department hopes is sooner rather than later.

"He's gonna get hungry and need clothes and transportation, so he'll eventually surface pretty soon," said Hicks.

Bradford was last seen wearing blue jeans and a green T-shirt.

Hicks says Bradford is not believed to be dangerous, but says if you see him, you are asked to call the police department and do not try to apprehend him.