Several attempts have been made to catch "Fig" the pig, there are a few things that make this animal on the loose unique.   Residents say, he doesn't travel alone, it likes to hang out in the Walmart parking lot and it is really fast if you try to get to close.

Shane Waller says he noticed a strange duo traveling down the highway in Walker County that made him to do a double take.  "There was a pig in the road. It has to be someone's pet because he was walking right next to a hound dog."

The pot belly pig is now a local Internet sensation  after its owner posted on Facebook, Fig made the great escape out of its pen a few weeks ago."

After that post was made a long list of community members chimed in saying they spotted him several times hanging out in the Walmart parking lot in LaFayette, outside Rock Spring, Kemp Road and Coffman Springs Road. 

Other residents thought fig the pot belly pig was a razor back hog or a wild boar.  The owner says, he is neither and hopes the family pet returns home safe soon.  A few attempts were made to catch him, none of them were successful.

Shane says, Fig the pig has a spiky hair do and probably weighs around 160 Pounds and is really fast. He learned that after pulling his car over and attempting to chase it down the highway