Patrol cars lined Thomas Road in Fort Oglethorpe early Monday morning. Hours before, Joshua Lee Bradford, 28, managed to escape in to the nearby woods.

Bradford, who was arrested Sunday evening on a slew of charges including making terrorist threats, discharging a firearm and criminal trespassing, began complaining of medical problems after he was booked in to the Dade County Jail. He was taken to Hutcheson Medical Center for treatment.

"He had to go to the bathroom we understand and the jailer was escorting him," explains Dade County Chief Detective Don Hicks.

That's when deputies say Bradford seized this crime of opportunity, he overpowered the jailer and ran. He managed to vanish into the woods behind the hospital.

"He may have made this up to get to a hospital to have the opportunity to escape," says Hicks. "Generally in this type of escape they just don't want to go to jail."

Heavy rain kept the officers from combing the woods Sunday evening. They picked back up early Monday morning. Deputies found Bradford's jail shoes and brought in dogs to assist in the search however, the wet weather hindered their efforts.

"When they hit the woods they wouldn't smell anything but rain anyway," says Hicks.

Morning soon turned to afternoon with no trace of Bradford. "We haven't seen any sign of him in six hours," Hicks says.

The decision was made to expand the search to parts of Chattanooga and Dade County where Bradford's family, friends and girlfriend live. "We're going to go see every one of them," Hicks says.