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Boy passes away after water accident, community supports family


Friends and family are mourning the loss of a 4-year-old boy who died Saturday after suffering injuries from a water accident while hiking last weekend.

It happened last Sunday in the pocket wilderness in Hamilton County.

Will Smith's father, Tony, was posting updates to a Facebook page, letting friends and family know of Will's condition. Saturday he posted, "I do not know how to begin this post. William passed away this afternoon. It has been and will continue to be an incredible journey. The miracle we received is not what we wanted. But the power of your prayers resonate still."

"Whenever I'm here, Will was always one of my little friends within the church here," said Taylor Sullivan, Will's Sunday School Teacher.

"Will would always come up and say Miss Taylor I've been praying for you," said Sullivan.

Friends say four year-old Will Smith had a heart of gold.

"He was loved he knew that love and everyone he came in contact with he shared that love with," said Melia Warren, Director of Children's Ministry at Hixson United Methodist Church.

This week, their prayers were all for him, as he battled for his life. After a water accident while hiking last Sunday. 

Friends and family prayed for a miracle, as Will awaited healing.

"We saw signs of improvement and we celebrated those small victories," said Warren.

On Saturday, Melia Warren says they did receive a miracle.

"The Lord did answer those prayers. Not in the way we had hoped but in ultimate healing," said Warren.

Now, sweet memories are what friends and family are holding on to after losing a little boy they say constantly gave love to others.

"Eight to nine different organs in his body is being donated so that other kids can receive healing and they can share the hope and love that Will had. And Will's love and spirit will continue to live on through others," said Warren.

"He was an amazing boy. His memory, his spirit will continue to live on in an amazing way," said Warren.

No funeral arrangements have been made at this time.

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