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Volunteers clean downtown in hopes to make it safer

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Hundreds of volunteers flocked to downtown Chattanooga today to clean the streets for the 4th year in a row, but it's not only to improve downtown's appearance.

Organizers tell Channel 3 it will not only keep the streets cleaner, but they believe it could even make them safer.

"Like you spring clean your house, we're gonna spring clean downtown," said Amy Donahue, River City Company.

And they've got a long list of items to check off.
"A lot of our volunteers will do general litter clean up and go around with garbage bags and pick up litter," said Donahue.
Donahue says they're pinpointing places to focus their attention, like restoring play grounds and cleaning vacant store fronts.
"Where not only going around and picking up wrappers but also cleaning up graffiti," said Donahue.

Which she says will make the greatest impact.     

"We really feel that we are not only making our streets cleaner and greener, but we really are making them safer as well," said Donahue.

She says they're doing that by erasing gang signs and other symbols from walls and signs downtown.

"I think that things like litter and graffiti are things that make people feel uncomfortable and unsafe," she says.

They hope they're effort to clean it all up will take away negative thoughts.

"Graffiti doesn't always mean it's not a safe community, but perception is key and we want people to think, oh this is a safe place to live" said Robert Fisher, UTC SGA President.

Fisher says he's happy to help his community and show everyone the potential it has.

"I think beautifying our city is great. Our city is booming and changing and if we can make the face of it look better, then great," said Fisher.

"We want it to be clean and inviting and people and businesses to feel safe downtown and really call it their own," said Donahue.

The groups plan to go through all of the garbage and recycle what they can.

Clean and Green happens every year in April.

For more information you can click here.

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