UPDATE:  The TWRA is giving their findings in a deadly shooting in Marion County to the District Attorney's Office.

Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeece shot and killed his friend during a hunting trip.  Forty-one-year-old Stanley Whitman died Friday at Erlanger.

Officials tell us the men were on a turkey hunt when the shooting happened.
The case was presented to a grand jury, which returned no bill. McNeece was not indicted and the case has been dropped.

PREVIOUS STORY: Channel 3 is learning new details in the hunting accident that left a Grundy County man dead and his best friend, Monteagle's Chief of Police in mourning.
Authorities say 41-year-old Stanley "Laransie" Whitman died Friday from the gunshot wound he suffered Thursday in Richard City.
That's in southern Marion County just west of South Pittsburgh. The alleged triggerman, the victim's hunting buddy, Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeese.
It's unknown right now whether Chief McNeese will face any charges in connection to Thursday's fatal shooting.
An incident many close to both men say is nothing more than a terrible accident.
"Our hearts are with the families and everyone affected, it was a terrible thing to see," said Adam Higgins, heard fatal shot. 
And it all unfolded before Adam Higgins eyes. Just across the street from his Richard City home.
In a pasture well known by locals as a prime spot to hunt wild turkeys.
"I was getting ready for work and I heard a gunshot went off. Normally, up here, it wouldn't be something you'd be concerned about," said Higgins.        
But Higgins says it was obvious there was something more to it as emergency responders rushed to the scene, just after 7 Thursday morning.
That's when authorities say 41-year-old Stanley Laransie Whitman was inadvertently shot by his hunting buddy.
Residents tell me it was the victim's son who ran from the scene at to a nearby home where 911 was called, moments later, Erlanger's Life Force Chopper landed in a pasture where the victim was airlifted.
Channel 3 was told life support was discontinued Friday afternoon when it was determined Mr. Whitman was brain dead.
Whitman leaves behind 4 children and a loving wife, photos provided by a relative who wishes to remain unidentified.
That same relative has only good things to say about his cousin's life-long friend in Chief McNeese, but questions how a veteran law enforcement officer could unknowingly shoot and kill his best friend.
Adam Higgins and other Richard City residents Channel 3 spoke with say this is the only fatal hunting accident ever to happen here in recent memory.
Channel 3 also spoke to Marion County District Attorney Mike Taylor who says it's too early to say whether McNeese could face criminal charges.
Taylor is awaiting reports from both the Marion County Sheriff's Office and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.
Those reports are expected sometime next week. As to whether McNeese is still on active duty, or on administrative leave which is common for police involved in a fatal shooting, District Attorney Taylor says that decision is up to officials with the city of Monteagle.
Channel 3's attempts to contact Monteagle Mayor Marilyn Rodman Friday were unsuccessful.

PREVIOUS STORY: A hunting accident in Marion County Thursday involving Monteagle Police Chief Virgil 
McNeese has left one man dead. 
It happen in the Richard City community. According to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency McNeese accidentally shot his hunting partner, Stanley LaRansey "Ramsay" Whitman.
Whitman was taken to Erlanger, but passed away Friday afternoon.
TWRA is investigating the case. Information will be  turned over to DA which will decide if charges will be filed.