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Chattanooga Film Festival connecting local film makers

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There is no question the arts community in Chattanooga has continued to grow, and that includes film making. The first ever Chattanooga Film Festival is connecting local film makers with others across the country. It is happening through the weekend.

There have been several local film festivals over the years in Chattanooga but the founders of the Chattanooga Film Festival say it has a little bit of everything. Besides appreciating the art form, they say the ultimate goal is to help local film makers learn and grow.

"The arts community is blossoming here. We just really wanted to get something film-related on the books and start growing it," says Grey Watson.

Grey Watson is from Chattanooga and works for Warner Brothers. He is co-founder of the first ever Chattanooga Film Festival. He says directors and producers have come from all over to showcase their work.

"We have people from Nashville and Atlanta. We have someone from Portland, people from New York, people from L.A. It's unbelievable, not only the community that's surrounding the festival, but all the people that have traveled so far," says Watson.

The festival boasts more than 20 feature films and short films, showing movies with bigger names like Kristen Wiig and Guy Pierce, but also smaller productions.
"We've really tried to extend to every film group and every film community in the area because there are so many."

"We've brought people in from all over the world to teach Chattanooga film makers, how to kick start a film, for instance. That's a workshop that's happening today," says Stratton Tingle.

Tingle works for the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. A former film student at Southern Adventist University, he says the festival is the perfect opportunity for local artists to have conversations about the future of film making.

"Chattanooga is obviously the perfect back drop for those types of conversations to happen, for those types of minds to come together. It enhances the community on an educational stand point," says Tingle.

"It's about having that high school kid or that college graduate, who's going, 'I want to work in movies and I have no idea how?' come to the Chattanooga Film Festival, see some movies you won't see on the big screen, and also meet some people who are working in the industry and find out how you can make it happen, because you can," says Watson.

The festival runs through Sunday, with many showings at the Carmike 12 downtown. For more information, click here.

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