UPDATE: It was a frightening way to begin the season at AT&T Field that started off with the National Anthem and a skydiver slamming into the ground in front of a crowd of over 5,000 spectators.

Before the opening pitch, the 30 year skydiving veteran Justin Salvias parachute spun out of control causing him to slam in the middle of the field.

The ball game was delayed for 20 minutes. Emergency responders stabilized the Chattanooga SkyDiving owner before carrying him off on a stretcher.

A roar of relief came from all angles in the stadium when he lifted his thumb letting everyone know he was going to be ok. 

The game continued when Justin was taken off the field and transported to Erlanger.

Chattanooga Lookouts president Rich Monzingo says, "it was a strange way to start the first game of the season. This one will go down in the books. I am glad he is doing ok."

Justin is resting at home with family and recovering with a broken leg. 



PREVIOUS STORY: A skydiving pre-game show at the Lookouts season opener didn't go as planned when one of the skydivers fell during his landing.

Justin Silvia hit the ground hard just after the National Anthem. Family members tell Channel 3 Sports Director Paul Shahen that it looked worse than it was and Silvia is doing fine, in good spirits with only a broken leg.

Silvia who has 30-years of skydiving experience and more than 8,000 jumps gave the crowd a thumbs up and a wave as he left AT&T Field on a stretcher.

Silvia and his family own and operate the Chattanooga Skydiving Company.