Chattanooga Police have identified Eric Fitzgerald Williams as the suspect in the murder of Daniel Adams 

Arrested in Georgia Tuesday, Williams will be charged with the first degree murder of Adams. 

Williams is in the process of being extradited to the Hamilton County Jail from Georgia.

Chattanooga Police have identified the victim in last week's suspicious death at the Pinewood Apartments as 44 year-old Daniel Adams.

A woman came home Thursday morning to find her boyfriend dead in their apartment. Now police are looking for who is responsible.

The Chattanooga major crimes unit was called to the Pinewood Apartment complex in Brainerd around 9 o'clock in the morning. Police are questioning the girlfriend as they search for a suspect. They are also talking with residents in the complex, as they look for answers. Police say they do not have many leads.

"At this point, we really don't have a lot to go on," said Timothy McFarland, public information officer for the Chattanooga Police Department.


Detectives looked for clues and carried away evidence most of the day from a bottom floor apartment at the Pinewood Apartment complex in Brainerd. The search for a killer began when a woman called 911 Thursday morning.

"She arrived home, found her boyfriend deceased in the home," said McFarland.

Police would only say the man had "trauma" to his head.

"I'm terrified now. The same day we're moving in, they find a body?"

One woman had strong reactions to the discovery. She did not want to be identified for fear of her safety. As the Police were putting the crime tape up, she was helping her 83-year-old aunt move in to another building.

"My big concern is her safety. I mean, I wouldn't live here. But if it's her choice I'm for it," she said.

Investigators found no obvious signs that someone tried to break into the apartment. Although a sign says there is 24 hour security, police are not sure if a camera recorded anything.  

"I don't know if they have an actual working camera systems or not. But if they do we'll be able to access it," said McFarland.

"That's somebody's kid. I've got 14 grandkids. I can not imagine somebody calling me," said the woman.

She says the circumstances do not add up.

"Somebody heard something. Somebody saw something because the doors are right next to each other."

Police are questioning others who live in the complex but so far, there are no helpful leads.

"We didn't receive any phone calls last night or this morning prior to the initial call about gunshots or anything," said McFarland.

In the meantime, the unidentified woman is having second thoughts about letting her elderly aunt stay.

"I hope she stays here a week and let me move her back out. I'd be willing to move her back out in a week."

There are no leads on a suspect. There is also no information on the victim's age or identity. If you have information that can help investigators, call Chattanooga Police.