It's  latest technology when it comes to cardiac care.

Dr. Selcuk Tombul, Parkridge Medical Center says "This new device is going to revolutionize care because we are going to be able to monitor patients much longer than we ever had before."

Patients like Billy Williams.

Billy Williams says "Started having problems passing out, cold chills."

Dr. Selcuk Tombul says "This is kind of a black box for a person that might pass out, we have stored information about what their heart did during that episode."

The device is part of a system that allows physicians to continuously and wirelessly monitor a patient's heart for up to three years.

Parkridge Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in the state to implant the  LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor System in a patient.  It's the smallest implantable cardiac monitoring device available.

Dr. Selcuk Tombul says "You can see its about the size of the large paper clips. It's placed in the left side of the chest, we first make small nick in the skin and then we deliver device with insertion tool."

And in just a matter of minutes the procedure is done.

Billy Williams says "It took about a minute or two for procedure, recovery time, I was out in about an hour and headed home."      

And while this device transmits data to the doctor while the patient sleeps, they are also covered when they are on the road and away from home.

Billy Williams says "if I'm out on the road and something happens I can push a button hold it here."

And information is transmitted to the doctor.      

So for patients who are having unexplained symptoms of passing out, dizziness, or shortness of breath, this device could possibly help save your life.