Officials at the McKamey Animal Center are investigating a possible dog fighting case.  Due to a lack of leads in the case, an anonymous donor has agreed to offer $500 as a reward in the case for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible.

In mid-March, a severely injured dog was discovered in the 5000 block of Dorsey Street with multiple wounds that indicated he had been fought numerous times.  Residents in the area called McKamey Animal Center to report an injured dog roaming the street.  McKamey Animal Services Officer O. Swafford responded to the call and discovered a male pit bull with numerous bite wounds and possible broken bones.  The dog was taken to McKamey Animal Center for treatment.  Due to the severe nature of his injuries, which were extensive the dog was humanely euthanized several days later.

Animal Service Officer Swafford has gone door to door in the neighborhood looking for witnesses or information that could lead to the persons responsible.  As a result of the posters being left in the neighborhood a similar case was reported to McKamey dispatchers two weeks after the Dorsey case.   A female pit bull was discovered within close proximity to the Dorsey location with similar fighting wounds.  She was brought to McKamey for treatment.  She has fully recovered from her wounds, which were not as severe, and has successfully passed assessments.  She remains at McKamey Animal Center waiting for a new home.

McKamey Animal Center Director Jamie McAloon Lampman stated, "We're hoping the reward will provide more leads in either of the cases.  Dog fighting is a cruel blood sport and we have zero tolerance for it in our community."   Investigators are seeking leads and welcome anonymous tips or information related to this incident.  "These types of crimes are felonies and are extremely cruel to the animals involved," said Ms. McAloon Lampman.

Please call McKamey Animal Center at 423-305-6509 if you have information; to leave an anonymous tip call 423-305-6508 or e-mail  Dogfighting is illegal and a felony in the State of Tennessee.