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Amazon announces Fire TV streaming box

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Amazon, long-known as an online retailer giant, has again dipped their toes into the pool of consumer electronics.

The Kindle and its various offspring have proven popular for Amazon, but today's release of the Fire TV positions Amazon to slip into users' living rooms.

The device, which features a quad-core processor and dual-band Wi-Fi so applications and videos will start downloading and streaming immediately.

Fire TV has 1080p HD support and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound and remote control with built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

The device's price is $99, and is set to begin shipping immediately.

Amazon raised the price of their Prime service last month, which offers streaming video capabilities in conjunction with free shipping for purchases. Additionally, Fire TV will support Netflix and Hulu streaming services.

Amazon already offers a streaming service, much along the lines of Netflix and Hulu, with their own service pricing structure.
Sources close to Amazon say Fire TV is "one of the most powerful set-top devices," and size-wise would be more like Apple TV, but reportedly "zippier."

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