After months of advocating, Erlanger Health System will soon receive a multi-million dollar cash infusion from two key federal funding pools, hospital officials announced Tuesday.

The news was celebrated at the public hospital, which has sustained heavy losses the last several months. Last month, hospital executives froze vacation time accrual for Erlanger's 4,500 employees in an effort to staunch losses in order to meet its bond covenants in June.

That vacation time will immediately be restored, as soon as the timetable for the funding is established, said Erlanger CEO Kevin Spiegel, who traveled to Washington, D.C. last month with other state medical leaders to advocate for the funding.

"Our collective voices have been heard, and I am gratified we have finally been acknowledged for the mission, dedication and hard work we do on behalf of this community," Spiegel wrote in a memo to hospital employees Tuesday.

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