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Pet owner speaks out after dog is brutally attacked

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The ten year old basset hound named bandit is back home, with a bandage on his leg and multiple wounds scattered all over his body, after surviving an gruesome attack from a dog just a few doors down.
"On his hind leg right here and on his private parts and on his chest," said the owner. "This is not just a defending kind of attack; this is like he was attacking him."

Bandit's owner, who wants to remain unidentified, tells Channel 3 he's devastated by the thought of his faithful friend in agony.
"Yeah I was really worried, he's on pain meds, so he doesn't feel much right now," said the owner. "Bandit is probably one of the longest dogs that I have ever kept."
He believes Friday's dog attack could have been avoided if Animal Services had responded to Charmaine Goodwin's first plea for help.

"I really wish they would have responded to it. I understand where they are coming from, they can't respond to everything, but then again, if they would have been here this wouldn't have happened," said the owner.

We tried reaching out to East Ridge Animal Services again, and much like Friday's phone calls for comment, those calls have gone unreturned.

While bandit's wounds are starting to heal, his owner says he still isn't out of the woods.

"Supposedly the bites are in the joint and they don't want that to get infected, because we don't know if the leg would have to be removed from it," said the owner. "Yesterday I was really upset, but now that I see him and see that he's getting better; I'm a little better."

The owner says many, including himself are at fault.

He says he has updated his dogs tags, so if his friendly pups escape again, everyone will know where they belong.

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