The mother of Skyy Mims says murder is not in her daughter's character. Over the phone from her home in Detroit, Ylet Patterson said the 21-year old accused of killing a convenience store clerk, is not a "thug rapper" as she's been portrayed and fears she's being railroaded in Dalton. "She's not this rapper, Detroit murderer," said Patterson. "No. She's a sweet girl that loves the Lord. I raised my children in holiness."

On Sunday night, March 9th, Dahyabhai 'Dicky' Chaudhari was brutally killed as he worked 3rd shift at Kanku's convenience store on Airport Road. Authorities quickly put out a dragnet, based on surveillance video from the store, looking for Skyy Mims. She was located in a Bartow County home two days later and taken into custody.

Patterson says her daughter is an artist, an honor roll student, and a college graduate, not a killer. She says Mims is known for her spoken word poetry recordings and was in Dalton posting fliers about an upcoming performance in Atlanta and, perhaps, selling recordings. "They're making Skyy into this monster that she's not," she said. "I think that they're holding her in this hick town; she's black, she's a 'rapper', so you got 'Detroit rapper', so thus they say murderer. No."

Citing inconsistencies she says she has been made aware of with the evidence, Patterson believes someone else committed the crime. Patterson says she has been told time codes on the surveillance video showing her daughter in the store that night do not coincide with the time of the murder. She says other finger-prints have been found and that authorities were initially looking for a suspect who was 5'6" to 5'7". Skyy Mims is 6'1". She also claims that the voices of two men arguing in a back room, speaking a foreign language, can be heard on one video. "First of all, Skyy is not a man," Patterson explained. "Second of all, she speaks no other language. Thirdly, convenience store persons, they keep guns. They don't let strange people behind the counter."

"We're at the point now where we not only need support in getting her legal representation," Patterson continued, "but we need people to realize that this just doesn't make sense. If they had surveillance video of her literally committing the crime, it would have been an open and shut case."

Asked why she thinks her daughter was sought and is being held for the crime, she said, "Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong color, Wrong city."

Skyy Raven Marie Mims remains in the Whitfield County Jail with no bond, charged with felony murder, awaiting trial.