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Severe Diabetic Gets Insulin Pump

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"Its because of your story, she said she had seen it on Channel 3."

Ron Hall is talking about Monday's phone call from LaFayette's Faith Lewis, and her thoughtful response to the plight of Ron's daughter Amy.

"I was just dumbfounded when I got that call."

You may recognize Ron as the public address voice of the UTC football and softball Mocs, not to mention this year's Chattanooga Lookouts.

It was with those sporting connections that he organized this wrestling fundraiser last Friday for his daughter, who suffers from an aggressive form of type 1 diabetes, and desperately needs an insulin pump to control her fluctuating blood sugar levels. The pump costs ten thousand dollars.

Amy was hoping to garner enough money, to begin paying installments.

"God willing, I'll raise the whole ten thousand dollars and I won't have to pay nothing a month, just go get my insulin pump and be better," said Amy that night.

"You could always see that it wore on her, is she gonna be here? and now, she's sees the light at the end of the tunnel," says her father Ron.

That light coming from Faith Lewis, who donated her late brother Johnny Lewis' insulin pump.

"She said I had to call, this stuff could not. I didn't want to throw it away," says Ron of Monday's phone call.

Ron says Faith's benevolence is spurring him to think beyond Amy, and to others who might be helped.

"Maybe we need to set up a clearinghouse for medical equipment like this, where people can use it," speculates Ron.

Despite the unexpected windfall of the pump donation, Amy now has additional medical expenses to cover for her pump, such as blood test strips and insulin.

If you'd like to help, call 423-414-5662.

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