UPDATE: Two bills named for Channon Christian and Chris Newsom passed unanimously in the state House of Representatives.

The Channon Christian and the Chris Newsom acts will now go to the governors desk for approval; Gov. Haslam said he supports both measures.

Last month, state senators passed both bills unanimously as well, along with an amended version of the Channon Christian Act.


(WBIR) - The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Thursday morning on two bills named for Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

They were raped, tortured, and murdered seven years ago. The proposals come after the re-trials of the suspects in their case.

The Channon Christian Act would prevent defense attorneys from bringing up allegations of a victim's past that are not related to the case. The Chris Newsom bill eliminates the judge's need to sign a jury verdict after jurors deliver a unanimous verdict.

The bill has received widespread support in committee. The House is expected to vote Thursday morning. Governor Haslam says he does support both measures.